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My life is as one constant stream of consciousness. Days go by, blurring one to another. The world shifts around me, changes come quickly and then not at all. Some changes I like, and some I observe passively, at times wondering at my own strength to move anything. But one common denominator remains: God is still God, and I am still aware of his presence.

I don’t know what will happen, where I’ll go, who I’ll become. I cannot see into the depths of that mystery. And yet I find the silence more moving and profound than movement itself. Because in silence, I know that God is working. In silence, my heart is still and I feel his presence even more acutely. In silence, I acknowledge my limitations. And in silence, I place my hope in God’s mighty power.

Yes, I will be so audacious as to call upon the name of the Lord. Yes, I believe that God sees into the very minutia in my life. The wait is at once excruciating and joyful, and yet I would not trade it for a heart that neither sees nor perceives that God’s timing is infinitely greater than our own.

May it never be otherwise.

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