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Some days are good days and some days are bad days. Today was a good day, and I think such days are given to balance out the bad ones, such as I had yesterday. 😀 It’s God’s little form of justice. haha. Ok, I say that facetiously, but it is nice when things turn out that way.

It’s so weird that things shift for me. One day can be labeled as “good” and the next “bad” and the very next one may be “good” again. And really, nothing has changed. My days are mostly the same with a few unique things thrown in. And some days are bad despite my best efforts, willing my attitude and thoughts to stay positive, while others are great seemingly without any effort on my part. Today, it was a mix of effort and chance. I kept my mind from wandering too far into where they are naturally inclined to go, and the beautiful day helped lift up my mood. God is so wonderful to give bright and (relatively) warm days. 😀

At the very least, I have to say that I’m glad that the relatively mundane aspects of my life are very seldom mundane or insignificant to me. Yes, I grow bored of things as they are sometimes, but I have the ability to find significance in small things. Because life is important to me, I can’t really say lately that many days go by without me living in the full reality of the present, both with its ups and downs. The here and now is very important to me despite my future ambitions, and it would be sad indeed if I lived for what’s next instead of appreciating what’s before me. God puts us in these situations — sometimes not under the most ideal of circumstances — and it is my belief that we must be faithful of where he has placed us. Who can fully know what God has prepared for us in the midst of the more ordinary aspects of life? How can we possibly know the person he is shaping us to be out of the everyday trials that we go through?

Yes, I will try to find a measure of beauty in my life though I’m not going on huge adventures (at the moment). And, hey, if all else fails, I do have a wonderful imagination. 😆

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I am happy. If this sounds somewhat simplistic to you, it is. The sort of peace that I have been experiencing is truly inexpressible. It comes from a sense of simply knowing and loving, in finding joy in the fact that I live and breathe, and that this breath comes from God. The filling of my lungs with air make me think of God’s breath breathing in life for the first time into Adam. And I realize, I really like my life. There’s so much intrinsic good in it and in my relationship to my God. How can I ever give him enough gratitude for that?

Holy Father,
I thank you that you are Yahweh, the Creator, the Master, the Covenant-Maker. I thank you for the shalom you have been working into my life. I have peace even when everything and everyone around me may be in turmoil because I am founded in you. There is something great and special when your presence is so tangible that I can feel you and your holiness and your Spirit through creation, in the air, surrounding me. When I look at the stars at night, I know you have created the great expanse of the universe and that you can make even greater things, but that you chose in the midst of that to single out mankind to love. Why do you, when you don’t need us, still call us? I cannot understand that mystery of your love. I ask that you would give me direction for the next season of my life, and that in it, I will find an even greater love for you.

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