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France trip, day 11

Today is my last day in France, and as such, it was not entirely eventful. My other uncle had left and my aunt was at work, leaving things to my uncle and my father and me. In the morning, we went to the store to buy things to bring back home with us. We bought things like Bordeux wine, cheese (including camembert cheese), butter, mustard, pate. I can’t wait to give them to friends! 🙂

Then I spent some time packing up my things. Packing is just never much fun, and packing to leave for France and all its diversions is particularly not fun. I wish the trip was longer. Here are some things that I will miss about France:

• The family that I’ve gotten to meet
• Seeing things that make me say, “wow, that’s different”
• Historic buildings
• Being able to talk to some interesting people
• Eating French bread and drinking French wine
• The Paris transit system (RER) and its convenience

The trip back was not too tiresome and I look forward to new things now from necessity. Ah, Paris, how I’ll miss you. I hope to see you again one day. 😀

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