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France trip, day 11

Today is my last day in France, and as such, it was not entirely eventful. My other uncle had left and my aunt was at work, leaving things to my uncle and my father and me. In the morning, we went to the store to buy things to bring back home with us. We bought things like Bordeux wine, cheese (including camembert cheese), butter, mustard, pate. I can’t wait to give them to friends! 🙂

Then I spent some time packing up my things. Packing is just never much fun, and packing to leave for France and all its diversions is particularly not fun. I wish the trip was longer. Here are some things that I will miss about France:

• The family that I’ve gotten to meet
• Seeing things that make me say, “wow, that’s different”
• Historic buildings
• Being able to talk to some interesting people
• Eating French bread and drinking French wine
• The Paris transit system (RER) and its convenience

The trip back was not too tiresome and I look forward to new things now from necessity. Ah, Paris, how I’ll miss you. I hope to see you again one day. 😀

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France trip, day 10

I spent the first half of today with family. My father had bought a digital camera for Remy, and after he gave it to him, we spent some time trying to get it to work. So it happens, there was no memory card included, so my father will probably have to buy one in the States and send it over. 😆 Oh dear… But despite that, I think that Remy liked the camera. He’s never had one before, I don’t believe. I know I would be happy to have gotten one.

My aunt is a funny woman. A very good humored lady who loves to laugh and tease. She asked to look at the photos I had taken on my camera, and then laughed at the funny faces that people made, especially those of her husband. 😀 I will admit that I took a lot of pictures when people didn’t expect me to, so there are some pretty hilarious faces. haha. She’s so fun and I will miss her and the family.

Afterwards, daddy and I went to some friend’s house to hang out. A very old friend of his showed up to see him, and it was touching how they connected again. I believe they were very close once. And she was so sweet and loving to me that I couldn’t help but like her. I hope they get to see each other again…

I go home soon. Makes me sad to go back… but at the same time, I’m looking forward to it. I have things to do in the U.S. that I need to attend to. Exciting things. God is good. 🙂

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Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been here more than a week now. It’s crazy to think how quickly things have gone. It feels like I’ve only been here a day or so. 🙂

Anyway, yesterday was largely uneventful. We were supposed to go to somebody’s house outside of Paris and spend the day there (family? friends? I am not certain who), but for some reason, they had changed their minds. I found this out after they had dragged me to the grocery store when I thought we were going to this said place. I was a little annoyed, therefore, when we picked up some things only to return back home.

There was nothing much for me to do after that. I went online a bit and read a lot. 😀 I ended up finishing Mansfield Park (I know I had previously said that I would be finishing up Emma, but I realized that I have no idea where I left off, and I may just re-read it entirely). I loved Mansfield Park. I would highly, highly recommend it as a good read. Needless to say, I devoured it in a few days. 😆 The main character, Fanny Price, is very loveable, though her extremely timid character is hard to understand at times. It also has a cute, but cheesy ending. haha. My favorite. 😛 Though to give it some credit, there were great twists in the end. Go read it!

My uncles, my father, and I went to their friends’ house for dinner. It was in Charles de Gaulle, which isn’t too bad by train, but we drove there. Traffic was terrible and we ended up taking about two hours to get there instead of one. And then we couldn’t find the house. The gps that my uncle has led us to a roadblock, and though not inaccurate, brought about confusion. Uncle Ba called the people who were to help us get there, but there was some misunderstanding, and we ended up waiting a much longer time than necessary. My dad and uncle even started suspecting the guy of playing a mean joke on us (something that I’ve seen and disliked about a lot of the Vietnamese general character is a distrust in other’s intentions, even those they know and are friends with, that are sometimes unwarrented), but it turned out to be nothing but a location issue. We found them eventually and were lead to the house, where they had a very good time. It is nice to see father catching up with old friends who he hasn’t seen in a long time and may not see again…

Such is life, I suppose. You can’t always be around your friends forever. I’m just amazed that my father has kept in touch or remembered so many people who he hasn’t spoken to for years! I wonder how many people I’ll stay in touch with now that I’m moving on to the next chapter of my life…

In any case, I found out that when there is nothing to occupy my time, I fall back to introspection, reminicing, and daydreaming. Not all of that is bad. It, in fact, gives a lot of time for God to work in me. I find that he speaks to me through the parables of my life, through comparing spiritual truths about who he is and what he has done with the actual things which I face in my day-to-day life. Not be be too specific I will say that today he has spoken about the depth of his love and what that does to my standing before him by using my own love and what that has done in my perception of those who I love. I am blameless before him not because I have nothing in which to find cause for blame, but because his love and the action of love in the cross has put me in a place where he no longer sees the sin. It is similar to what Hebrews testifies when it says that Jesus is our high priest who stands to make intercession for us before the Father and to what the Apostle John had written when he said:

This is how we know that we remain in Him and He in us: He has given to us from His Spirit. And we have seen and we testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God—God remains in him and he in God. And we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and the one who remains in love remains in God, and God remains in him. In this, love is perfected with us so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; for we are as He is in this world. There is no fear in love; instead, perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. So the one who fears has not reached perfection in love. We love because He first loved us (1 Jn 4:13-19; Holman).

Just something to think about.

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