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France trip, day 10

I spent the first half of today with family. My father had bought a digital camera for Remy, and after he gave it to him, we spent some time trying to get it to work. So it happens, there was no memory card included, so my father will probably have to buy one in the States and send it over. 😆 Oh dear… But despite that, I think that Remy liked the camera. He’s never had one before, I don’t believe. I know I would be happy to have gotten one.

My aunt is a funny woman. A very good humored lady who loves to laugh and tease. She asked to look at the photos I had taken on my camera, and then laughed at the funny faces that people made, especially those of her husband. 😀 I will admit that I took a lot of pictures when people didn’t expect me to, so there are some pretty hilarious faces. haha. She’s so fun and I will miss her and the family.

Afterwards, daddy and I went to some friend’s house to hang out. A very old friend of his showed up to see him, and it was touching how they connected again. I believe they were very close once. And she was so sweet and loving to me that I couldn’t help but like her. I hope they get to see each other again…

I go home soon. Makes me sad to go back… but at the same time, I’m looking forward to it. I have things to do in the U.S. that I need to attend to. Exciting things. God is good. 🙂

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