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Today, my father went with my uncle and me to Paris! It was exciting since I know that he has since been more interested in spending time with friends and catching up. But he has decided that it would be good also to see some of the city, and it has made me exceedingly happy to see that he is willing to do things that he is not naturally inclined to do. He and I are so different in some respects. He’s very social and loves to do things in large social groups, whereas I prefer solitary wanderings. It’s so strange that we’re related. 😆

Our first stop was the Arc de Triomphe. Amazing. You get out of the subway on the Arc de Triomphe stop, and the first sight you see is the Arc amidst the zoom of cars. The location is striking since it stands in the center of a loop where cars from twelve different directions converge. Not surprisingly, the street is too busy with traffic to cross safely, and thus, the only access to the Arc is via an underground pass. Once we got out to the other side, we took pictures to our hearts’ content. So many carvings on the Arc! We then got tickets to climb up the Arc and walked the 284 steps up to get to the top. 🙂 There, we learned the history of the Arc (and of other arcs throughout Europe) and got the lovely panoramic view of the city. Trust me, the walk is worth it. The city is so much bigger than I had previously thought, and we could see some of the prominent landmarks. And after all those flights, the wind on my face felt incredible!

We took a bit of a detour to Chinatown, which was frustrating, and so I will not go into detail about that. However, our last stop was to the Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, an imposing Roman Catholic basilica on the hill of the city. Oh goodness! It is amazing in size and location. And though I wasn’t impressed by the Notre Dame cathedral, I was definitely loving this basilica. The only drawback is that they do not permit photos to be taken so that the peace and reverence of the sactuary is preserved. However, I couldn’t resist sneaking some shots (without flash and with the camera setting on silent). I guess this means that I’m a terrible person and will be going to hell. Eek. That’d be almost worth it to be able to take photos of the large, beautiful, gold-leafed mural on the ceiling. 😛

We go to Paris again tomorrow. The Louvre, perhaps?? Hopefully, it will not be as tiring of a day with traveling back and forth. It was so crowded on the train coming back home that I thought I would be smushed to death. >_< haha!

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